RSPCA Santa Paws volunteer opportunities!


Christmas List Elves

The first happy face that people see on arrival! Our Welcome Desk volunteers will need to be confident when greeting our customers with Christmas cheer! At the Welcome Desk our participants will have their names marked off and appointment time confirmed, before being shown the waiting area. The Welcome Desk volunteers need to liaise with Santa’s Helpers to clearly determine which appointments are ready to go, and who is running late. 

Crowd Elves

Our Crowd Elves are there to help spread the Christmas cheer! The waiting area can easily feel quite full with lots of excited participants and dogs eager to see Santa Claus – our Crowd Elves are there to help manage the groups. Crowd Elves need to keep an eye out for space, and direct people to areas with less congestion in the waiting area. There will be times when owners simply won’t have enough hands, and our Crowd Elves can offer to mind their dogs while they are busy. 

Santa's Helpers

Santa Claus is the start of the show, and we need to look after him! Santa’s Helpers will be collecting and greeting each participant group and leading them to Santa when our photographer is ready. They will need to help guide and direct our customers through the various rooms to ensure there is no congestion and the process flows easily. Santa’s Helper will need to keep an eye out for what is coming ahead, and be confident when directing our customers. 

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