All sites will be re-opened to customers and visitors on Monday 29 March 2021 – subject to density requirements

We will unlock doors at all sites and customers and visitors will be free to enter the building for vet appointments, retail, education classes and adoption appointments – subject to density limits not being exceeded.

Density limits for each site (does not include staff and volunteers)

  • RSPCA Burwood East - 25 (across all areas of retail, grooming, clinic, adoption)
  • Epping Animal Welfare Facility - 6
  • RSPCA Pearcedale’s clinic – 6
  • RSPCA Pearcedale’s retail space – 6
  • RSCPA Warrnambool – 4
  • RSPCA Portland – 6
  • RSPCA Wangaratta - 5
In order to keep our people, animals and community safe, RSPCA Victoria is following implementing strict social distancing rules in response to COVID-19 (coronavirus). If you would like to attend an RSPCA shelter or vet clinic, you must call ahead of time and book an appointment. Please maintain 1.5 meters distance and practice good hand hygiene at all times. You must wear a face covering, unless an exemption applies.

We are here to support the pets and people of Victoria and appreciate your understanding as we adapt our services as the coronavirus situation continues to develop.

This page will be updated as new information becomes available

Continue scrolling down for updates on our services or click here to view a list of frequently asked questions related to COVID-19.




Animal cruelty reports and our Inspectorate 

Inspectors are continuing to investigate animal cruelty reports while taking care to adhere to strict health, safety and social distancing guidelines. Cruelty reports can be made via the normal channels, either online via rspcavic.org/report or if an animal’s life is at immediate risk, by calling (03) 9224 2222 so an Inspector can be notified right away.

Submit an online animal cruelty report 

If you believe an animal’s life is at immediate risk, DO NOT make an online report. Please call us now on (03) 9224 2222 so an Inspector can be notified right away. 


Vet clinics 

RSPCA Victoria veterinary clinics operate with limited density space and operating with limited contact arrangements including contactless payments.

RSPCA Burwood East Vet Clinic – phone (03) 9224 2222 

RSPCA Pearcedale Vet Clinic – phone (03) 5978 9000 


Animal emergencies  


If a pet needs emergency care outside of opening hours a list of animal emergency centres can be found on the website. 



Our sites will continue to operate on an adoption-by-application model. When browsing our available animals, applications to adopt can be submitted by clicking the blue ‘apply online now’ button. Once an application has been submitted, the applicant will be contacted with information on next steps. We are unable to book adoption appointments unless an online application has been submitted. Please note that we are receiving high numbers of adoption applications at present. We will continue to monitor the situation closely, act on the advice of health authorities and keep our website updated with the latest information about our services.

Customers will not be allowed to walk through adoption areas at any site unless they have an appointment.

RSPCA Burwood
East 3 Burwood Hwy
Burwood East VIC 3151
P: (03) 9224 2222

RSPCA Epping Animal Welfare Facility
20 Companion Place
Epping, VIC 3076
P: (03) 8401 6600

RSPCA Peninsula
1030 Robinsons Rd
Pearcedale VIC 3912
P: (03) 5978 9000

RSPCA Portland
185 Darts Road
Portland VIC 3305
P: (03) 5523 4690

RSPCA Wangaratta
1 Connell Street
Wangaratta VIC 3677
P: (03) 5722 8744

RSPCA Warrnambool
23 Braithwaite Street
Warrnambool VIC 3280
P: (03) 5561 2591


While we have resumed adoptions at participating Petbarn stores, all applications remain as adoption-via-application only. Please apply through our website to express interest in an animal via their online profile.

Please note walk-in adoptions are not currently being facilitated due to COVID restrictions.


Thank you for your interest in fostering an animal through RSPCA Victoria.

We are continuing to receive large numbers of applications for each animal on the foster portal, so we ask that you remain patient and keep applying as more animals become available.

If you’ve recently registered as a new foster carer and have been booked into an orientation session, please continue through the process as you have previously been instructed. If you have registered as a new carer and have been unable to book into a session, please stand by and we will contact you with information on next steps.

If you are unwell or experiencing any COVID-related symptoms (or anyone in your household is experiencing symptoms) please refrain from applying for foster animals until you have fully recovered. Please do not attend our sites for any reason if you are unwell – call the team and we can work with you to find alternate solutions.



We are pleased to confirm our grooming service at Burwood East is open for appointments. 

Due to social distancing rules we are operating our grooming service with a reduced number of staff, so we ask everyone to be patient as we work to book appointments for all our valued customers. 

Reclaimed animals 

Please contact us by telephone to discuss reclaiming an animal before coming into one of our centres. All reclaims must have an appointment time booked over the phone. Please note the contact details for our centres above.


Retail stores 

You can visit our online store for all your pet supply needs. 

Our physical stores at Burwood East, Peninsula and Epping are open subject to each site's density limit. We encourage customers to visit our online store wherever possible, with options for delivery or click-and-collect (Burwood only).  

If you are unable to utilise our online store, please call us on 9224 2222 and we will do our best to assist you while ensuring we remain COVID-safe. 

Surrendered animals 

We have limited capacity to accept surrendered animals and are assessing on a case-by-case basis.  We’re asking members of the public to telephone us before coming into one of our centres so that we can assess our capacity to assist. All surrenders must have an approved appointment time before coming into our centres. Please note the contact details for our centres above.   

General enquiries 

For all other enquiries please contact us on (03) 9224 2222.