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Tip Off Form

If you suspect an act of animal cruelty requiring urgent attention please complete our cruelty complaint form.

However if you have information on a potential puppy or kitten intensive breeder, please share your feedback by completing our Tip Off form below.

All information disclosed is confidential.

  • 1.
  • Breeder Information
What type of animal/s are you providing information about:
Have you visited the breeder’s property?
How did you learn about the breeder?
Please list all addresses you know of where the breeder keeps animals:
Please provide a description of the properties if known? (eg. rural farm, shop front, residence, etc)
Please provide business name/s the breeder trades under:
Please provide the persons name/s who runs the breeding operation/s:
Please provide details if the breeder is registered with an applicable organisation such as a dog or cat club or association? If yes, please tell us the name of the organisation/s
If you know where the breeder sells or advertises the animals e.g. Pet Shops, Online, Markets, Ships Overseas, Direct to the Public, please list them here:
Please provide any known contact phone number/s for the breeder and/or for purchasing an animal:
Please provide details for any known associates connected with the breeder:
Please describe any known vehicles the breeder drives (including registration if known):
Are they potentially violent or dangerous?
If yes please provide further detail e.g. firearms, violent episodes:
  • 2.
  • Animal Information
How many animal/s does the breeder have?
Do you know what breeds of animal the breeder has?
Please describe the conditions the animals are kept in (hygiene, types and size of enclosures)
Please tell us about the condition of the animals e.g. health, grooming
Have you purchased or acquired any animals from this breeder?
If yes, when did you get the animals?
Have you had any concerns with the health of the animals, please describe
  • 3.
  • Other Details
Are you happy for an RSPCA Inspector to contact you for further information?
If Yes, please provide your contact details [Name, phone number/s, email, address]:
If you would like to receive RSPCA Victoria animal welfare updates please provide your email address:
If you have any images or documents you would like to supply, please upload here:
We accept the following file types: .jpg, .png, .mov, .3gp, .mp4, .pdf
Choose file:
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