Inspectorate Prosecution Outcomes

RSPCA Victoria Inspectors are authorised to investigate animal cruelty reports defined by the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act (POCTAA) 1986 as well as investigate illegal Domestic Animal Businesses (DABs) defined by the Domestic Animals Act (DAA) 1994. Below is a list of some of our recent prosecutions.


Latrobe Valley (online)

The case involved a dog who had suffered injuries to her throat, neck and front legs. The accused wiped the dog with a wet cloth, then asked her friends to take the dog to kennels at Traralgon. On arrival, one of her friends stitched the dog’s wounds with a needle and nylon thread. No pain relief or veterinary treatment was given. The following day the accused stated she checked on the dog and found her to be eating, walking and toileting normally. Later that night, a third party was at the kennels and observed the dog to be recumbent and motionless, and rushed her to the veterinarian. The vet found the dog was suffering from septicaemia due to infected wounds. The accused attended and was told the dog was in critical condition, and her prognosis was very poor. The accused opted for euthanasia.

The accused was fined $500 without conviction and costs of $85.70 were ordered.


Ringwood (online)

The case involved a male Golden Retriever known as ‘Cookie’ who had lost use of all four limbs and was unable to walk. The accused contacted South Eastern Animal Hospital and made an appointment for the dog to see the vet and described the condition of the dog to veterinary staff who advised the accused that the animal required vet treatment that day. The accused stated he was too busy to attend on the same day.

Cookie was heard by a witness barking in a low tone in the backyard of the premises throughout the night. The accused cancelled the veterinary appointment due to taking overtime at work.

The dog was detected by a witness recumbent in the backyard letting out low monotone barks which indicated to the witness the dog was distressed.

Again, Cookie was witnessed in the same position recumbent in the backyard, indicating he had not moved for three days. The matter was then reported to RSPCA.

Cookie was found to be paralysed and was suffering a lot of pain and discomfort. The prognosis was very poor of making a recovery or experiencing anything but a poor quality of life, and the dog was humanely euthanised.

The accused was fined $500.00 without conviction and a s12 disqualification order was made against any animal ownership for five years, save for his current dog.


Benalla (online)

The accused was the owner and person in charge of multiple animals housed at the premises, including nine dogs, a pig and two ferrets. The RSPCA received a report of dogs which were tethered outside at the premises without access to water. The Bureau of Meteorology temperature for that date and location was a high of 39 degrees Celsius. A search of the RSPCA database revealed that RSPCA Inspectors had visited the property on four separate occasions in 2018, when a copy of the Code of Practice for the Tethering of Dogs had been provided to the accused and his partner.

The RSPCA Inspector observed the animals housed in filthy conditions. All nine dogs were tethered, four of the dogs had no access to water and five had inadequate water. The pig similarly had no access to water. The Inspector was unable to find a water outlet on the premises and went to the neighbours to fill a bucket of water. She provided water to the dogs and the pig, who all drank readily and continually for several minutes.

The accused was fined $500.00 without conviction and a s12 disqualification order was handed down against ownership of dogs except for the six dogs that he currently owns.