Inspectorate Prosecution Outcomes

RSPCA Victoria Inspectors are authorised to investigate animal cruelty reports defined by the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act (POCTAA) 1986 as well as investigate illegal Domestic Animal Businesses (DABs) defined by the Domestic Animals Act (DAA) 1994. Below is a list of some of our recent prosecutions.


Ballarat (online)

The case involved two fawn pitbull terriers, Missy and Justice, who were found to be in emaciated body condition. One was in body condition score of 1 / 5, being emaciated, and the second dog was in body condition score 1.5 / 5, being thin to emaciated. Both dogs were also suffering with heavy flea burdens and associated sores and hair loss. The accused elected to surrender both dogs to the RSPCA due to financial constraints. A veterinarian assessed that both dogs were in poor body condition with live fleas present, and that they would have been in this condition for at least several weeks. Further, one dog had skin disease and the other was suffering from an ear infection. Missy has since been humanely euthanised and Justice was adopted.

The accused was convicted. He was fined $500.00 ($250.00 per dog) and a disqualification order under section 12 in respect to dogs was granted for a period of 5 years.


Frankston (online)

The case involved a female, white coloured, 11-year-old, Miniature Poodle known as ‘Roxy’. The accused failed to provide veterinary treatment to Roxy who suffered from dental disease and infection of the mouth, of such severity it caused the lower jaw to rot away and was significantly shorter than the upper jaw.Roxy was suffering a severe mass on the inner oral aspect of the lower jaw preventing closure of the mouth and occupying a large majority of the oral cavity.She was in emaciated body condition, weighing just 3.75kg, with a matted foul odorous stained coat and skin and with severely overgrown nails, including the right foreleg dewclaw which was growing back into the nailbed. Roxy’s matted coat was twisting and pulling her skin causing pain; and was also suffering an ear infection with severe brown discharge within the external ear canal. Due to the severity of Roxy’s condition which was irreversible, and the severity of pain Roxy was suffering, she was humanely euthanised.

The accused was fined $1500.00 and a disqualification order under section 12 in respect to dogs was granted for a period of 5 years. We were awarded costs in the sum of $873.40.


Horsham (online)

The case involved a female Bull Arab type dog named ‘Bindi’ who was found tethered to a kennel by Inspectors. The accused was subject to a s12 Disqualification order that was still in place.The accused was found to be in contravention of the s12 Disqualification order due to her possession of Bindi. Bindi has since been returned to her original owner.

The Magistrate placed the accused on a Good Behaviour Bond for a period of 6 months without conviction and requested that she pay a $200.00 donation to the RSPCA.


Geelong (online)

The accused was the owner of a Maltese type dog named ‘Missy’ in September 2019. The dog was handed into the pound as a stray, where it was assessed that it needed veterinary treatment for numerous medical issues. The accused was given a Notice to Comply by the RSPCA, instructing her toseek veterinary treatment. She failed to do this andInspectors later attended at her premises, acting upon a warrant and the dog was found concealed in a cupboard in the accused’s bedroom. The dog had a matted dirty coat, swollen abdomen and had a pungent odour. The dog was seized and examined by a RSPCA vet, she stated that both the dog’s ear canals were suffering from infections, with the left ear being one of the worst she had ever seen. This infection had been present for several weeks by the time she was examined, and the degree of dental disease present was an indication that the dog had not received any dental treatment. Several rotten teeth were extracted. The accused did not claim the dog and she was rehomed.

The accusedwas convicted on all three charges, fined $1500 as part of aggregate order, and ordered to pay costs in the amount of $2104.07 and pursuant to S12 the accused is disqualified for a period of two years from being the person in charge of any dog


Geelong (online)

The accused was the co-owner and person in charge of three dogs.The RSPCA attended the premises and the dogs were observed to be in very poor body condition.Instructions were given to provide veterinary treatment. Information later obtained confirmed that the accused was disqualified from being a person in charge of dogs.She admitted she knew that she was not allowed to own dogs. The three dogs were seized from the property and taken to Burwood East RSPCA shelter.The accused surrendered all three dogs to the RSPCA.

She was convicted and fined $1500.She has prior history of failing to provide sufficient food to a dog and had received a 10 year disqualification which led to the recent seizure and resulting court case.