8 reasons to book an education experience for your class
1. Curriculum linked for lessons worth learning

Much more than just a fun day out, the program has been developed to seamlessly link in with the current Victorian Curriculum, and that’s something that all teachers can get behind! Students actively engage and learn in an environment that promotes participation and collaboration without the constraints of a classroom. 

2. Teachers give our program A+

Feedback received from every teacher that has participated in an RSPCA education program has been outrageously positive. Far from just cruising by on a pass mark, this program is the perfectionist student that everybody secretly envies, with every single respondent in the past five years saying that they would recommend the RSPCA education service.  

3. Close encounters of the cute kind

Beyond the blackboards and computer screens there’s a whole new world to be discovered within the working barn at RSPCA Burwood East. Students can interact with a huge array of animals, some of which they may even be meeting for the first time! Whether it be feeding guinea pigs and rabbits, or gently stroking a horse, there’s an experience for everyone to enjoy. 
4. More flexible than even the stretchiest gymnasts

We get that the logistics of a day out can be a headache, so if coming to see us at the RSPCA doesn’t quite suit your group, we’ll rally the two and four-legged members of our Education team and bring the experience to you! Just prepare to be inundated with requests from students who want to visit us for a follow-up tour – our animals have been known to steal the hearts of children (and adults) alike. 

5. As far as lessons go, these ones come cheap

We know that price is always a factor, and we work hard to keep the costs of our program competitive in comparison with other education extension programs. That said, it’s an incomparable experience that cannot be reduced to a dollar value, and the lessons children carry home with them are long-lasting and far-reaching, making the program well worth every cent. Visit http://www.rspcavic.org/services/education-and-learning/ to discover how reasonable our prices are.  
6. Empathy is the new black (and for good reason)

Empathy and compassion are not only popular buzz words in education- they are crucial life skills. Students are given the opportunity to see animals whose lives have been transformed with the help of the RSPCA, and develop skills that can be utilised with companion animals at home and into the future. Not only does the program broaden minds, it expands hearts. 
7. Choose your own adventure

8. Developing leaders of tomorrow

In a fast-pace, technology-driven world, the intrinsic values that promote humanity are more important than ever before. Students are encouraged to develop a sense of community and become informed citizens who feel empowered to take action in order to make the world a kinder place for all creatures great and small.

For more information and to book, contact our education team on 9224-2286