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RSPCA Victoria shelters cared for more than 28,000 animals over the past year. Animals of all kinds make their way to our shelters for many reasons; some wander away from home and get lost, while others are surrendered because their owners can no longer care for them. We also care for abandoned animals, and those seized by our Inspectorate due to neglect and mistreatment.

One of our biggest challenges prior to 2011 was strict limitations of the shelter Code of Practice. This legislation stipulated that by law, all shelters in Victoria were to have an animal in our care for a maximum of 28-days. Fortunately in 2011 this law was changed, allowing us to care for all our animals until they find their forever homes. 

If you're able to open your heart and home to an animal looking for a new family, please visit our adoption section to meet the gang.

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