11 reasons why you should study with RSPCA Victoria
Do you dream of working with animals? By studying a Certificate II in Animal Studies with the RSPCA your dream will be closer than you think, and here’s why:

1. You get to look after super cute animals

The animal interaction is an experience like no other! Roll up your sleeves to walk, play, clean and groom a variety of animals. The RSPCA Cert II in Animal Studies is the only course of it’s kind to deliver hands on training, providing students with an authentic workplace experience.

2. While studying online

Online study complements the hands on learning, meaning that when students are at the RSPCA they can focus on practical workplace training, rather than sitting in a classroom. 

3. But it's not like any other online course

The RSPCA is the only provider of this course to deliver face-to-face learning, work experience and a supportive environment both on and offline. Other institutions  ask students to find their own work placements which can be quite difficult, and without a face-to-face aspect students often struggle to finish other animal care courses. 

4. Thou shalt pass

RSPCA Victoria can boast over 80% pass rate which is among the best in the state, so you know you're in good hands! 

5. Forget prerequisite qualifications

As long as you’re over 17 years of age, you can apply.

6. It's quick!

Most other courses stretch out between six months and two years! With the RSPCA, you’ll complete the course in 15 weeks, so you can go out and start working sooner!

7. It's nationally recognised

The course is run in conjunction with Box Hill Institute. When completing the course students have the ability to work throughout Australia in the animal care industry.

8. And offers world-wide opportunities

One of our previous graduates has been offered an animal care internship in Malawi, Africa!

9. You'll find your dream job

Not only will you get the piece of paper to say you can work with animals, but you’ll actually have all of the hands on skills that you need to start your career. The RSPCA is renowned in the animal care sector, so completing the course with us is a fantastic pathway into the industry. And after completing this course many students secure volunteer and permanent employment opportunities at the RSPCA too!

10. You'll save $$$

You may be eligible for a government subsidy, saving you thousands of dollars on your tuition!

11. And you'll love it

The education team’s enthusiasm, support and professionalism is second to none! You’ll have a fantastic experience while completing the first stepping stone on the path to your dream career!

A career with animals is waiting for you. Take the first step and register your interest in our Certificate II in Animal Studies. 

Applications for our 2019 programs are now open.


For information on all RSPCA Victoria Education programs visit rspcavic.org/services/education-and-learning