Corporate Partnerships

Corporate + Charity = a powerful force for change.

By combining the unique strengths and resources of the business world and with our proven, evidence-based work, RSPCA Victoria’s best-practice corporate / charity partnerships help animals lead help animals happier, cruelty-free lives.  

At RSPCA VIC we don’t believe in ‘cookie cutter’ or ‘one size fits all’ partnerships. We prefer to co-design a partnership based on your priorities, budgets and the impact your business is looking to achieve – always striving to create mutual benefit and shared value

If your business shares our vision of a future that is free from cruelty to all animals then please don’t hesitate to get in touch via, or 03 9224 2536.

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Corporate Support Days

RSPCA Victoria Corporate Support Days are an opportunity for your staff team to have a truly unique, hands-on experience helping our animals, learning about their wellbeing and forming closer connections as a team while you contribute meaningfully to a great cause.  

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Corporate Sponsorship 

RSPCA Victoria has an annual calendar full of exciting events such as Million Paws Walk and Cupcake Day. We invite your business to sponsor these events to align with the cause of animal welfare, connect with our audiences and bring our respected brand into your world. 

Don’t hesitate to get in touch via, or 03 9224 2536 if you would like more information on our tailorable Sponsorship Packages.

Give To Get Them Home

Each year for World Animal day in October, we ask our community of supporters to donate to our ‘Give to Get Them Home’ campaign. To inspire them to give, our generous corporate and philanthropic matching partners pledge to match community donations, dollar-for-dollar up to an amount of their choosing. It’s all about raising funds to help more animals find their ‘forever home’ and it also happens to be a wonderful way for our community supporters and matching partners connect with one another and join forces to make a real difference. 

If you would more information on the philanthropic and business benefits of becoming a Give To Get Them Home ‘Matching Partner’, don’t hesitate to get in touch via, or 03 9224 2536.

Workplace Giving

More and more organisations are offering Workplace Giving to their employees as a means of giving back to the community, demonstrating their community credentials and as well as promoting employee engagement in charitable giving. Many companies even match employee donations, dollar-for-dollar.
It’s simple to set up through your payroll team, or via one of many the excellent third-party platforms available and it enables your employees to conveniently give from their pre-tax income.
If you would like more information on how Workplace Giving helps RSPCA Victoria, or to gain access to our handy RSPCA Victoria Workplace Giving Starter Pack (including all the resources you’ll need to make your program best-practice) don’t hesitate to get in touch via, or 03 9224 2536. 

Workplace Fundraising

There are plenty of ways to fundraise for RSPCA Victoria through your workplace - whether you organise a bake sale, trivia night, music gig, casual clothes day or exhibition - there really is no limit! If your workplace is ready to help RSPCA Victoria end cruelty to animals then get in touch via, or 03 9224 2536 and we can send you our Workplace Fundraising Kit!

'Animal Advocates' Team Building Program

If you are looking for an experience for large groups that mixes team building with corporate volunteering all while making a difference then our ‘Animal Advocates’ program may be just for you! Hosted by professional facilitators, the RSPCA Victoria ‘Animal Advocates’ Challenge includes interactive fast-paced simulation exercises and thought-provoking discussions that promote teamwork, increased empathy and more open minds. The results? 

·  Strengthened teams with greater appreciation of their colleagues.

·  Connecting your team, giving them a sense of purpose and boosting staff morale

·  A fun, engaging and memorable experience that your team will remember

·  Gain an insider’s perspective on the challenges we face in the care, protection, rescue and rehabilitation of animals in Australia.

·  Increased social impact by supporting one of Australia’s favourite, oldest and best known charities

Offering online and Face-to-Face Team Building for 10-100 people that is fun, cost-effective and for a good cause. To make a booking click here.