Wombat boxes

The iconic Wombat Box can be placed on display in your business to show your support for all animals. Support the animals in our shelter today by encouraging customers to donate their spare change. Every dollar counts! 

$22 can microchip a pair of puppies

$70 treats a kitten for cat flu

$350 keeps an RSPCA Victoria Inspector on the road

Step 1

Let us know you are interested by CLICKING HERE and submitting your details!

Step 2

Receive your Wombat Box in the mail find it the perfect place to display your support! Send us a photo to let us know you’re on Team RSPCA!

Step 3

When your Wombat Box is full, deposit the money with the details provided at your local bank. The sooner the money is received, the sooner we can put it to good use! 


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