Ginny, a defenceless ginger tabby kitten, suffered truly appalling abuse at the hands of her owner.

Two members of the public reported seeing a person trying to push Ginny off an apartment balcony onto the hard concrete below.  Witnesses described the cat as “soaking wet and screaming,” and feared for Ginny’s life.

When Police arrived, they found an unresponsive kitten in the laundry, drenched in water, and bleeding around the eyes and mouth.

Police rushed Ginny to the closest clinic, where RSPCA Inspectors collected and transferred her to RSPCA Burwood Animal Hospital. Examinations indicated a near-drowning event, hypothermia, neurological damage, and trauma causing temporary blindness in both the kittens eyes.

To get a complete understanding of this vulnerable little cat’s condition, Ginny’s vet took a blood sample and for a complete blood profile test. 

A single syringe costs just 16 cents … a box of 100 just $16 and a complete blood profile test can cost $120 or more.

These tests provide vital insights for our vets, as they seek to alleviate pain and ensure the fullest possible recovery for suffering animals like Ginny.

With almost double the reports of cruelty received during the months of summer, your gift today is so important to help RSPCA Victoria’s vets treat suffering animals. 

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Ginny is now healthy and happy with a new adopted family. Her rescue and recovery are all thanks to the loving treatment she received from our vets and caring people like you.

However there are more than 1,000 other animals just like her that we’ll take in through February alone that still need our urgent help.

Donate today help provide our vets with access to equipment they need to ensure every suffering animal that we rescue receives the best possible care … and the best chance for a full recovery.