When Luna was just days away from giving birth, she was abandoned in a filthy, derelict house. There were piles of rubbish everywhere, and broken glass covered the ground.

That’s the world Luna’s precious little ones were going to be born into.

What her babies needed most was vet care and a loving human to keep them safe. Instead, Luna’s owners left out a container of dirty water and dumped a bag of dog food on the ground…then just walked away.

Sadly, summer is ‘high season’ for animal cruelty in Victoria.

As the weather warms up, reports of abuse and neglect jump by more than 40%. Innocent animals are abandoned without food, water or shelter.That’s despicable in the heat – especially when many of them will be babies and newborns.

With so many baby animals in danger, RSPCA Victoria urgently needs your support. Will you donate today?

The house where Luna was abandoned was no place for a newborn. The food was quickly running out, and Luna was using a broken window as a dog door.

It’s a miracle she wasn’t severely cut. If her pups had been born there, the jagged glass would have easily pierced their soft, fragile bodies.

Thanks to the support of kind people like you, Luna was rescued just in time.

After RSPCA Inspector Rosie found Luna, she rushed the mum-to-be to the RSPCA shelter. That same day, Luna gave birth to seven gorgeous babies. From the moment they were born, her puppies were safe, cared for and protected.

Generous people like you made sure Luna’s story had a happy ending. But every summer our shelters are flooded with neglected baby animals – we must be ready for whatever comes through our doors.

Please, will you donate now and help keep more baby animals safe this summer?


Your gift will help RSPCA Inspectors reach abused or mistreated animals like Luna, and save their babies from danger.
Donate today and you’ll help give a litter of newborns with a warm, quiet bed in a climate-controlled kennel.
Your donation will help provide round-the-clock care for baby animals, and give them the best start in life.

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