When you love animals, it doesn’t stop when times are tough.

In fact, times like right now are exactly when you are needed most. Out there in the community, people who don’t love animals like you do may neglect their pets. Forget their needs.

The simple truth is that even during a world-wide crisis like COVID-19, animal cruelty doesn’t stop.

When RSPCA inspectors find animals starved, abused and abandoned, your help is critical.

This is what your RSPCA Clinic must be prepared for.

Vets are on stand-by, ready to save lives, no matter what is happening in the outside world.

Your donation today supports your RSPCA vets with the emergency supplies they need – antibiotics, medicines, gloves and masks, scalpels, examination tools, heart rate monitoring and respiratory rate machines.

Your donation will help in 3 critical ways:
1. PROTECTION EQUIPMENT - Masks, sanitiser, gloves etc.
2. VET TREATMENT - vet care, medical tests and lots of cuddles
3. ONGOING CARE - support a rescued animal’s ongoing care

You can make sure that an animal who has suffered more than any living creature deserves, is saved.

You will stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the RSPCA team to rescue, recover and finally re-home an animal that needs a helping hand.

Please donate now to protect animals in danger of abuse, starvation and death. One by one, we will end animal cruelty.

What your donation will provide

Protection Equipment

Extra protective gear for RSPCA Inspectors responding to reports of cruelty (masks, sanitiser, gloves etc).

Vet Treatment

Ensure that when rescued animals reach RSPCA Animal Clinic they receive best practice medical treatment.

Ongoing Care

Support a rescued animal’s ongoing care and treatment while they recover until ready to be re-homed.

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