No water.  No food.  No Love  

When Inspector Sarah found Lucy and Marley, two beautiful Boxers, they had no food, no water and no shelter. It was the middle of summer and they had been left, tied-up for weeks, on a patch of hot concrete.

They were so thin, their bones were pushing through their skin. You can only imagine the agony they suffered.

This summer, on some of the hottest days, we are receiving up to 95 reports of animal cruelty. That’s nearly triple the daily average of 32.

Lucy and Marley’s owners had walked out on them, leaving them to survive on a hot, bare concrete slab. If people like you hadn’t supported Inspector Sarah to rescue them, this lack of food would have led to organ failure, and death – especially as dogs with short snouts, like Boxers, are at greater risk of heat stroke.

Your help is urgent. So far this summer, we are receiving a shocking number of reports of animal cruelty. Our Inspectors are working non-stop but know that even a day’s delay can be critical for an animal suffering dehydration and heat exhaustion.

Your donation will help in 3 critical ways:
1. RESCUE - Inspectors, emergency gear
2. RECOVER - vet care, shelter, play with volunteers
3. RE-HOME - a loving new family

Please donate now to protect animals like Lucy and Marley in such deadly danger. Your help is needed now.

   Help more animals during these crucial months   

Get RSPCA Inspectors to animals suffering Summer heat fast.

Give expert vet care to abandoned animals hurt by extreme heat.

Adopt an animal rescued from heat into a happy family.

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