42 plants that are toxic to our feline friends

We love the bright colours and sweet scents that springtime offers, and no doubt your mischievous kittens and cats will love playing with them too, but it's important to be aware that many plants and flowers are toxic to felines and can result in very serious health implications, from mild sickness to even death.

Please keep your cats and kittens away from the following:

1. Aglaonema

2. Aloe Vera

3. Amaryllis

4. Anthurium

5. Arrowhead Vine

6. Arum Lily

7. Asian Lily

8. Asparagus Fern

9. Autumn Crocus

10.Bird of Paradise

11. Calla Lily

12. Climbing Lily

13. Cyclamen

14. Daffodil

15. Day Lily

16. Dracaena Deremensis

17. Dracaena Fragrans

18. Dracaena Marginata

19. Easter Lily

20. Elephant Ear

21. Emerald Feather

22. Gladiola

23. Hellebore

24. Hyacinth

25. Hydrangea

26. Iris

27. Ivy

28. Kalanchoe

29. Lace Fern

30. Lily of the Valley

31. Morning Glory

32. Mother-in-law's Tongue

33. Narcissus

34. Nightshade

35. Plumosa Fern

36. Poinsettia

37. Pussy's Ears

38. Rubrum Lily

39. Stargazer Lily

40. Tiger Lily

41. Tulip

42. Wood Lily

*Please note that this list may be incomplete and flowers may appear different and come in more colours in real life. Always be cautious of your feline's flower fascination and keep them away from plants that you're not 100% sure are feline-friendly.

Signs your pet might have eaten a poisonous plant can include vomiting, lethargy,drooling and seizures. When taking your pet to the vet with suspected poisoning, it is a good idea to also take any material involved, such as chewed-up plant matter, so your vet has a better idea of what they’re treating.