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Winnie's wonderful home

When Winnie the border collie was brought to RSPCA Burwood East last year, we quickly found out she was completely deaf and very shy around most people.

Winnie needed lots treatment to get her ready for adoption, and TLC from staff and volunteers to help her come out of her shell. While the shelter was a bit scary for Winnie, little did she know just how good life was about to become. Fate stepped in and brought Alex to Winnie.
“I decided to adopt a dog as a pal for my two year old Kelpie, Hank. I wanted him to have a buddy to run wild with and some company while I was at work.
Originally I had taken Hank to meet another dog I was looking to adopt but unfortunately Hank didn't seem all that interested, so we decided not do go ahead with the adoption. 

My friend who was with me at the time had just finished cuddling all the cats when I handed her Hank’s lead and said ‘I'll just go and check out the puppies!' 

As I walked up and down the kennels (wanting to take every single one home) I got to the very last glass door, looked in, and saw the sweetest little thing just quietly sitting in the corner of kennel. She was beautiful! 

I put my hand through the glass and she got up to have a pet. I reached my hand in as far as it would go and knew that she needed to come home with me! 

Unfortunately she wasn’t up for adoption yet. Nevertheless, I had to have her! I fell in love immediately. The wonderful staff told me that it was a first in best-dressed situation and so I pretty much spent the entire day refreshing the RSPCA adoption page.
After few visits, several calls to the front desk and lots of patience her sweet little face popped up on the adoption page. I bolted from Richmond to Burwood in record time only to find that someone else had already adopted her! 

Broken hearted I left, but somehow I still had hope that she would still be there in the morning. On Saturday morning, I rang (AGAIN) the front desk to which they told me that Winnie was on hold until 3pm. It was the longest wait of my life but at 3:05pm the call came in and Winnie was all mine! Hank and I jumped in the car, went to meet her and it was love!

The staff at the RSPCA were so wonderful supportive during the roller coaster week! They were concerned about how quickly she would settle because she was deaf and had had a rough start to life. But Hank showed her the ropes pretty quickly! Because Winnie is deaf she relies a lot on Hank for instruction... but they are very sweet together and she is picking up Auslan like a champ! ;) 
One of my favourite things to do when I get home is catch Winnie in her weird sleep positions! She likes finding small spaces to curl up and snooze. Hank has learnt not to wake her up unless I tell him to. He often goes over and gives her a big kiss on the face! 

I would have to say Winnie is more like a cat than a dog. My favourite thing that she does is sit next to me and put her head against my chest to feel my heart beat. It is the sweetest! And we are lucky to have her!"   
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