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How we came to be owned by a greyhound

Prancing Holly, now named Chubby, had a rough start to life and was in the care of RSPCA Victoria for 440 days before finally finding her forever home. Her new owners shared with us the heartwarming story of finding her, or in their words - How we came to be owned by a Greyhound.

“Our last two dogs succumbed to old age whilst we were building a new house, so there was too much going on with the house build and then moving into the new house to focus on the absence of dogs. Most of our previous dogs had found us, so I always believed that eventually another dog would find us.
After some years we began seeing more media about greyhound adoption and we spoke to a number of people we encountered who were walking greyhounds. All reports were that greyhounds were calm, happy to have only a small yard, did not need too much exercise, were easy to care for and you did not have to reach down to pat them! The worst warning was that there would be a need for a new lounge, as the greyhound would claim the existing lounge. Thanks, we laughed, good story.
We were ready, so it was time to look on the internet to find a greyhound. There were three listed at the RSPCA Burwood East, so off we went, to just have a look. 
We liked the black dog who stood up on her hind legs to look us in the eye, and the staff brought her out to us in one of the external yards where she could walk around and interact with us. She was calm, gentle, enjoying some attention so we took her on the lead into the walking area. Someone, we thought, has taught her to walk nicely on the lead. Well that was it, we returned the next day for another walk, and slipped her some treats. This was definitely the dog for us. 

The next few weeks were a rapid learning curve for people and dog. A new name, Chubby, and the need to urinate outside were her main lessons. I found that she was a quick learner who already had many good skills; walking, sitting, waiting. The FAQ sheet that the RSPCA provided was a useful guide, although the recommendation to remove any food that had not been eaten after 10 minutes was not necessary. Only one minute was needed to vacuum a food bowl clean.

It has taken five months, but she is now comfortable with being left alone, and spending some time outside. Thanks to the training tips from the Burwood East staff and vets the process has been straight forward.
After some discussion, Chubby has been convinced that beds and lounge chairs are not for her, so has found a warm spot where she can keep an eye on the shoes that he has collected. This is her little quirk, collecting shoes and bringing them back to her sleeping spot. No chewing, just a collection around her.

Despite not needing to walk every day, Chubby does enjoy going on long walks. After some conditioning she has walked up to 10 km, but really needs to cool her belly when it gets warm. 
This Christmas she even had a chance to go on the beach, and after some concern about the waves, discovered that salt water is good. 

After five months Chubby has settled in well, and now exhibits playful behaviour more typical of a dog her age (2 years). She is still easily unsettled by children who are running and screeching, but adults and other animals are fine. Meeting up and walking with other greyhounds around the estate is a special treat. The followups and contact from Burwood East staff have been appreciated. When we have returned to Burwood for vet checkups she has been excited to see the people who cared for her."
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