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How Banjee's patience paid off

Banjee had already had multiple homes before he arrived at RSPCA Burwood East, but he was so friendly and cuddly the staff thought he would find home quickly. However after 154 days of waiting and being overlooked, it seemed like Banjee would never find his forever home. They needn't have worried though, everything worked out just how it was supposed to...   

When Georgia and her family came to RSPCA Burwood East looking for their newest family member, their love of animals meant they were dreading having to choose between the many older cats needing a home. But they were in luck. As fate would have it, the moment they met Banjee, they knew he had made their choice for them. 

“As soon as he saw us he started rolling around wanting pats and rubbing on our legs… perhaps it’s more accurate to say that he adopted us.”

At first Banjee was unsure of his new surroundings, and he spent a good few hours sussing out his new home from the back of a wardrobe, hissing whenever anyone got too close. But Georgia’s family had agreed that they had made a lifelong commitment to Banjee and that they would persist whatever it took. So they put out his new kitty litter and food, and waited…

Within a few hours he ventured out of the wardrobe and started exploring the house. He found the food and tucked into it. He used the litter tray and when Georgia put his bed out on the carpet, he soon jumped into it. Within days, Banjee had made himself at home and started sleeping on the couch, on beds and meowing for food. Within a few weeks, he was fully relaxed and right at home.


Within a few months, it became very clear that Banjee wanted to go outside. He would sit at the glass door and look longingly outside and then meow. The family was determined to allow him out into the fresh air without losing him, or all the birds, so they enclosed the back ramp of the house with wire mesh. They got a perch for Banjee and now he just loves sitting on and in it and rolling around on the concrete ramp in the morning sun. Georgia says it’s been amazing to see how quickly their old boy learns new things.

“We’re delighted at how switched on he is about good behavior and how fast he learns. Within a day of being outside, he learned to use our dog door to go in and out of the house. Animals are much smarter than we give them credit for!”

Banjee’s favourite game these days? Head-booping shoes! That’s right - according to Georgia, Banjee entertains their whole family by seeing just how many pairs of shoes he can fit his head into. 

Banjee is now well and truly part of the family, and they wouldn’t have it any other way. 

“We would highly recommend an older cat. He entrances the children especially. They call him when they come home from school and he runs to them like a dog. They argue about who is having Banjee on their bed tonight, when Banjee makes up his own mind about that! We can’t imagine life without him now.”

It’s clear that Banjee’s patience paid off, and we couldn’t be happier – he and his new family are the purrfect match.

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