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No adoption fee for seniors

If you'd like to give our cats or dogs aged 10+ years a loving home there will be no fee to adopt!

At ten, life is only just beginning. Whether it’s having a Sunday sleep in or frolic in the park, make no mistake - senior animals have years of love, life and devotion to give to very lucky owners.

Senior pets have many advantages making them the perfect family pet. Seniors have developed their own character, are house trained, need less exercise, are less excitable and are often a good match for homes with existing pets. Many older animals are well socialised and are aware of what it means to be part of a ‘pack’. If matched well, a senior pet will take no time fitting into the existing family dynamic. 

RSPCA vet clinics also support the care of our senior furry friends. Senior pets adopted from the RSPCA receive a 25% discount on consultation fees at RSPCA Victoria vet clinics for the entire life of the pet!  

Consider adopting a senior pet - they're young at heart with lots of love to give! With years of experience at being man’s best friend, senior pets waste no time taking on the role of a loyal companion.

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