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Careers at RSPCA Victoria

A career with RSPCA Victoria is an opportunity to contribute your skills to addressing one of the most urgent issues facing our communities. We are an independent, non-government, community based animal welfare charity whose vision is ‘ending cruelty to all animals’.

We are Victoria’s best-known and most respected animal welfare organisation. Our organisation’s purpose is to work with the community to achieve outstanding animal welfare through education, advocacy, animal care and protection.
At RSPCA Victoria, we provide our services to animals and the communities they depend on through a team of over 500 employees and 3,100 volunteers who cover a range of different roles across the following areas: 
Animal care 
Animal health and behaviour 
Customer service 
Education and learning 
Management and professional services (such as Finance, Human Resources, Communications, Information Services, Events Management etc.) 

Our Culture and Values

At RSPCA Victoria, we aspire to six shared values that our employees and volunteers helped to define. Our values are embedded into our people and decision-making processes, and guide our interactions with one another on a daily basis. 
Accountability – We take ownership of, and responsibility for, our actions.
Consideration – We show courtesy, compassion and a genuine desire to help, and we seek to understand others’ perspectives.
Collaboration – We actively share our knowledge and partner with others to educate and influence change.
Clarity – We are clear, ethical and consistent in everything we do.
Expertise – We value evidence and insight.
Respect – We value and acknowledge every contribution from our people, our supporters and the community.

RSPCA Victoria recognises and rewards its employees and volunteers for role modelling and living the values on a daily basis. We measure our employee and volunteer engagement each year and continually look for ways to make our organisation a fantastic place to work.

We aim to foster a positive work environment that supports professional working relationships, equal employment opportunities and is free from discrimination of any type. We are committed to the safety and wellbeing of all our employees, volunteers and visitors, including children, and to ensuring that our workplace provides a supportive environment in which all individuals can realise their full potential. 

RSPCA Victoria prioritises recognising, promoting and celebrating diversity within our workplace and the community. You can find out more about our commitment to ensuring that all people feel safe, respected and valued by reading our Diversity and Inclusion Policy.

Our Benefits

Burwood East’s onsite café, Barkery Café, which caters to a variety of dietary requirements and sources its ingredients from animal welfare friendly suppliers.
Employee and volunteer discount on veterinary services, behaviour consultations, dog training courses, grooming services and RSPCA retail products.
Health and wellbeing support including the Employee and Volunteer Assistance Program (EVAP) and up to 6 days of additional paid leave per year to help employees attend to matters of a serious and unexpected nature.
Formal and informal learning and development opportunities including a structured orientation program and secondment/higher duties opportunities.
Limited free on-site car parking.
Novated leasing and salary packaging options.
Parental leave top-up and flexible work arrangements.
Opportunity to support the rehabilitation of our shelter animals by participating in our Animals in the Office or Foster Care programs. 
Opportunity to get involved and participate in annual RSPCA Victoria events including the Million Paws Walk, Santa Paws and Cupcake Day.
Wotherspoon Scholarship which is awarded on an annual basis and promotes veterinarian development in the area of shelter medicine in Australia.

Careers in Animal Welfare

Customer Care
Vet Nurse

Animal Attendant

RSPCA Victoria Animal Attendants provide day to day care for shelter animals across the state, including but not limited to dogs, cats and small animals i.e. guinea pigs and rabbits.

An ordinary day in the life of an Animal Attendant with our organisation might involve feeding, medicating and handling of shelter animals, assisting with animal admissions and reclaims, cleaning the facilities and updating animal records. 

The RSPCA looks for candidates with experience in a shelter, boarding kennel/cattery or veterinary clinic environment in addition to relevant qualifications in animal care (i.e. Certificate II in Animal Studies). 

Career pathways for RSPCA Animal Attendants could include a team leader (i.e. Senior Animal Attendant), management (i.e. Animal Care Supervisor), educational (i.e. Animal Attendant – Certificate II Trainer and Assessor) or specialist role (i.e. Animal Attendant – Barn). 


Customer Care Officer

RSPCA Victoria Customer Care Officers are the first contact that many people have with our organisation. Our Customer Care Officers listen and coordinate solutions for RSPCA customers, sell retail products and promote RSPCA services. 

An ordinary day in the life of a Customer Care Officer with our organisation might involve facilitating an adoption or animal reclaim, processing bookings and payments for private clinic patients or processing the surrender of a customer’s pet. 

The RSPCA looks for candidates with domestic animal handling experience, a passion for delivering excellent customer service and experience in a fast-paced and diverse customer service role (including phone room, administration and face-to-face). 

Career pathways for RSPCA Customer Care Officers could include a Team Leader (i.e. Senior Customer Care Officer), management (i.e. Client Services Manager) or retail role (i.e. Retail Officer). 


RSPCA Victoria Inspectors enforce Victoria’s animal welfare legislation and educate the community about appropriate animal care. 

A day in the life of an Inspector with our organisation might involve carrying out property inspections, educating members of the public on responsible animal care, working on an investigation and preparing briefs of evidence. 

The RSPCA looks for candidates with a tertiary qualification in a relevant field (i.e. Bachelor of Agricultural Sciences), strong animal care, husbandry and handling experience (including horses and livestock), the ability to read, interpret and apply legislation and sound report writing skills. Our current team of Inspectors come from a diverse range of backgrounds including Victoria Police, local Council and the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources. 

Career pathways for RSPCA Inspectors could include a role with a coaching/mentoring focus (i.e. Senior Inspector), leadership/managerial focus (i.e. Inspectorate Team Leader), management focus (i.e. Head of Inspectorate) or major investigations focus (i.e. MIT Inspector). 


RSPCA Victoria Veterinarians provide high quality veterinary care to all sick and injured animals including shelter and private clinic patients.

A day in the life of a Veterinarian with our organisation might involve facilitating veterinary consults for private clinic patients, desexing pre-adoption shelter animals and providing veterinary services to Inspectorate animals which have been subject to acts of cruelty.

The RSPCA looks for candidates with a strong interest in animal welfare, shelter medicine and small animal medicine and surgery. Applicants must be registered with the Veterinary Practitioners Registration Board of Victoria.

Career pathways for RSPCA Veterinarians could include a Team Leader (i.e. Senior Veterinarian), management (i.e. Chief Veterinarian) or specialist role (i.e. Inspectorate Veterinarian). 

Veterinary Nurse

RSPCA Victoria Veterinary Nurses provide quality veterinary nursing care to all sick and injured animals including shelter and private clinic patients. 

A day in the life of a Veterinary Nurse with our organisation might involve assisting RSPCA Veterinarians with surgical procedures, monitoring shelter and private clinic patients and maintaining accurate records and answering questions and providing advice to private clinic clients. 

The RSPCA looks for candidates who have completed or are in the process of completing a Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing, with well-developed veterinary nursing knowledge, skills and experience. 

Career pathways for RSPCA Veterinary Nurses could include a Team Leader (i.e. Veterinary Nurse Team Leader) or management role (i.e. Business Manager – Clinics). 

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