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Large scale puppy factory rescue

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On Thursday 9 August 2012, five RSPCA Inspectors attended a property in the South Gippsland region of Victoria. What was found was later described by even our most seasoned Inspectors and Senior RSPCA Veterinarian as one of the worst living environments for animals that they had ever seen. Simply, our rescue team was shocked and appalled.

62 dogs, including puppies as young as two days old, were living in filth and squalor. Sadly, they were made to live in as much as 3-4 inches of their own waste, in tiny pens or cages - some without water. One particular dog that was rescued could not be identified by breed because its hair was that matted and caked in mud and waste.

Extremely concerned for the welfare of the dogs, as well as the other animals on the property, RSPCA Inspectors issued the owner with a warrant to immediately seize all of the animals in her care. 62 dogs and puppies, a number of cats, five guinea pigs, one horse, one hen, one budgie and a deceased turtle were removed from the property.

Our rescue team learned that the property is an ex-breeding establishment. What they could not understand, is why the owner did not seek support to rehome these beautiful animals instead of allowing a ghastly situation like this occur?

All animals from the property are currently being assessed by our expert clinic and shelter teams. Whilst it is unknown at this stage, many may require extensive rehabilitation from RSPCA staff and volunteers.

Every day of the year our RSPCA Inspectorate team are out on the road and in the community fighting animal cruelty, but we simply couldn't do it without your help.


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A very special thanks to Aussie Pooch Mobile and to Suzie Webster from W.A.G.S Mobile Grooming who offered their services free of charge to help groom the rescued dogs.

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