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Kinder Kids

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We know that animals are important in the lives of children and that during the pre-school years they particularly love to be surrounded by animal characters and engage with the real thing. We believe this is the perfect time to teach this age group in a way that strengthens their innate empathy and activates what is likely to be a lifelong positive bond between child and animal.

You are invited to a very special RSPCA Education program designed for children three to five years of age that aims to do just that. Support your child’s love of animals while building important empathy skills by taking part in the RSPCA Kinder Kids program.

Over three sessions, an RSPCA educator will assist you and your child to explore pet care messages through animal themed activities and games. Our working barn will thrill and amaze young children as they greet a variety of pet and farm animals whilst learning about the needs of animals. Embark on a journey of care, starting with small pets then dogs and cats, culminating in a meeting with a variety of fun and friendly farm animals, including Lucy the goose (who thinks she’s a horse)!

Our sessions complement the Early Years Learning Framework. We understand the significance of developing your child’s individual identity, their place in your family and the community.

Through playful songs and movement, story time, art activities and heaps of hands on animal interaction, the RSPCA Kinder Kids program will strengthen your child’s relationship with animals and their understanding of an animal’s needs.

More information
Please contact us for price details.

Refreshments are provided.

P 03 9224 2286

?Sessions are held at
RSPCA Education Centre
3 Burwood Hwy
Burwood East 3151

Program outline

Session one: Mini Pets (1 hour 15 mins)

Meet and feed our friendly rabbits and guinea pigs.

Make your own special bunny ears to wear!

Come on a treasure hunt to find important pet care items.

Share a special story about our resident rabbits and guinea pigs.

Let’s sing and dance as we learn the RSPCA Pet Needs Song.

Take home your RSPCA Kinder Kids Kit to develop each week with useful resources and exciting gifts.
Session two: Purrs and Pooches (1 hour 15 mins)

Learn how to safely meet a dog.

Meet our friendly education dogs and cats and hear their rescue stories.

Visit our brand new cat adoption facility.

Let’s pretend! Children can act as a dog or cat in an age appropriate drama activity.

Session three: Fun at the farm (1 hour 30 mins)

Let’s trot down to the RSPCA Education Barn to meet some farm animal friends.

Feed Jenny the cow, meet Gus the pony, greet the goats and see the chickens.

Discover the similarities between the needs of farm animals and pet animals.

The barn is a very special place for story time.

Complete your RSPCA Kinder Kids Kit to enjoy at home with your child.

See you next time!

Activities may be subject to change at RSPCA discretion.

More information
Please contact us for price details.

Refreshments are provided.

P 03 9224 2286


Here are some useful links to develop kids' empathy for animals.

Children and animals: Building Empathy
An informative paper about developing empathy in early childhood, written by reknowned childhood trauma expert, Nerys Lewis.
  Happy animals game
Discover how to care for pets in the home through this interactive game.

Books for developing animal empathy: RSPCA Recommended Reading
  RSPCA Five Freedoms Song
Song lyrics for our pet needs song.
Keeping Pets Safe in Summer (story)
  Pet Care Information Sheets
Basic care information about dogs, cats, rabbits &  guinea pigsbirds rats and mice, goldfish.
  Spot the difference colouring activity
  Barn cut and paste activity


More information
Please contact us for price details.

Refreshments are provided.

P 03 9224 2286

Register your interest!

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Program includes:
  • Refreshments after each session (please advise us of any allergies)
  • RSPCA Kinder Kids Kit with supportive resources and gifts

More information
Please contact us for price details.
Refreshments are provided.

P 03 9224 2286

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