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 Puppy factories

The RSPCA strongly opposes intensive breeding of animals, most notably puppies. Puppy factories are large-scale, commercial businesses that mass produce all kinds of puppies for sale. This includes purebred, crossbred and mixed-breed dogs. These puppies are then sold online and in pet shops.

Puppy factories are awful places, with poor conditions. Puppy factory dogs are viewed only for their ability to make their owners’ money. Puppies are often confined in crowded cages with no room to move. These puppies are rarely vaccinated, making them highly susceptible to infectious diseases, parasites and many acute and chronic conditions. Puppies that come from puppy factories can also develop behavioural difficulties due to the miserable conditions in which they’re exposed.

Once the puppies are sold, their mothers are left behind to endure endless cycles of producing litters in appalling conditions. It’s not uncommon for female dogs as young as six months old to churn out as many as several litters a year for their entire lives. Under Victorian State law, bitches are only permitted to have one litter in every 10 months. However, within these factories, bitches are forced to have litters of puppies every six months and do not get the chance to recuperate. This often leaves them with serious ongoing health problems. When they’re no longer able to breed, they’re euthanased.

On top of that, the mortality rate of the puppies is quite high because veterinary care is scarcely provided. Puppies that do survive and are sold often suffer from ongoing health issues that the new owners have to pay for.

Sadly, many owners unknowingly provide breeding animals to these facilities when they give their undesexed dogs or puppies away 'free to good home'. If your dog has a litter, the RSPCA advises that you never give away puppies that have not been desexed.

We want the State Government to introduce a policy to end intensive breeding practices of companion animals in Victoria.

Keep checking our Latest News to see work we do to end puppy and kitten factories.

Where to buy

If you’re looking for a puppy, check your local RSPCA or other animal rescue group first. There are many wonderful puppies and dogs out there looking for new homes. But if you can’t find the right dog for you, or have your heart set on a specific breed, you’ll need to find a good breeder.

It’s important to make sure you are well informed before contacting a breeder, so that you’ll be on the right track to taking home a happy and healthy puppy and help prevent the sale of puppies from puppy factories.

Puppy factories primarily sell wholesale to pet shops and often advertise in newspaper classifieds and online pet sites. To avoid supporting puppy factories it's best to avoid these sales channels when purchasing a puppy. Although some reputable breeders will use online sites for advertising, you need to be prepared to ask the right questions to ensure you're not purchasing from a puppy factory.

Follow our Smart Puppy Buyer’s Guide and you’ll be on the right track to taking home a healthy, well-adjusted puppy and helping to prevent the sale of puppies from puppy factories or irresponsible breeders.