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Donations for animals

Our major sponsor, Hill's Pet Nutrition provides food for all the dogs and cats at RSPCA Adoption Centres across Australia. However, there are many other items that you can donate to help enrich the lives of the animals in our care.

Donate blankets and towels

We often need bedding for animals in our care.

Our Adoption Centres are always on the look out for donations of towels and blankets. We use them to care for our animals and to keep them warm. If you are in a position to donate towels and blankets that you no longer want, please take them to your local RSPCA Adoption Centre.  Please note, we cannot accept pillows and doonas due to the mess they may cause.

Knitting patterns

Hickory Dickory Dock............... Can you knit some fun toys for our cats and kittens? Hickory Dickory Dock is an exciting community project that will allow all cat-lovers to help spread the word about cat weflare whilst creating a fun woollen toy mouse. Read more and get the mouse pattern


Purchase a toy

Thanks to you, animals in our care will be happy and entertained. Make your donation a treat for an animal in our Adoption Centres by purchasing a toy, thundershirt, bed or treat ball. When you purchase and donate an item for our animal shelter, you will be providing many hours of entertainment and fun for the animals in our care.

Your purchase will be delivered free to an RSPCA Adoption Centre on your behalf.

Other manchester

We do accept all other manchester, especially flat sheets, pillow cases and face washers which can be very useful for wildlife and our small adoption animals. Please note, we cannot accept any manchester with filling or those that contain feathers. If you have unwanted manchester that you no longer need, please take them to your local RSPCA Adoption Centre.             

Pet accessories

RSPCA Victoria Adoption Centres also accept donations of pet accessories such as cat poles, food and water bowls, animal cages and carriers, bedding and pet/baby playpens. If you have any pet related items that are in good and clean condition, please take them to your local RSPCA Adoption Centre.             

If you are able to donate any of the above, please deliver these items to your local RSPCA Adoption Centre.
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Purchase and donate a toy

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