Scooby's Story

When Scooby cried out for help, he must have thought no one heard him.

He was hungry, freezing cold and in pain, but when he barked, no one came.

His owners stayed sitting in their house just yards away with their other dog—the one that terrified Scooby. But thankfully someone did hear. And they called the RSPCA.

RSPCA Victoria Inspector Sarah acted straightaway when she got the report of a thin brown dog, who wasn’t being cared for properly. The first time she visited the property there was no one there, but there was a dirty area in the backyard, which a dog had been using as a toilet.

Inspector Sarah visited Scooby not once, not twice, but three times before she discovered the shocking truth.

Scooby was being forced to live in that filthy, squalid back yard. He wasn’t allowed back in the house since being attacked by his owners’ other dog. And he had wounds all over his body.

Scooby must have thought his owners simply gave up on him. They’d dumped him in the back yard and left him alone.

No animal should be left in pain, but RSPCA Victoria needs your help to continue to rescue dogs like Scooby.

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Scooby had an abscess on his neck where a bite had got infected. Left untreated it could have killed him. And even in the back yard the other dog at the property could have attacked him again.

If Inspector Sarah hadn’t been so dedicated to getting to the truth, Scooby might not be alive today. But the work doesn’t stop there. After the rescue, a dog like Scooby can need expensive medical care from our vet team, as well as weeks, or even months, of training and socialisation before they are ready for adoption.

That’s why we need to ensure our team out on the road, in the vet clinic, and at the shelter have everything they need to step in quickly and save lives.

To save more animals like Scooby, RSPCA Victoria urgently needs to raise $515,000. It’s a huge challenge.

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Because of you, an animal like Scooby could finally be heard. An RSPCA Victoria Inspector could rescue them, then take them to safety where we could get them on the road to recovery.

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