Maria's Story

Obi's Appeal
At our RSPCA shelters, we always expect the unexpected. But even we were surprised by what happened when Maria arrived at our shelter.

This gentle Bulldog Cross was painfully thin, and covered in an agonising rash. Her teats were also very swollen—so she was either pregnant, or she had just given birth.

Maria was all skin and bones, so it was hard to believe that she was still carrying her puppies. But then they started to arrive. Maria went into labour—right there in our shelter. And by the following morning, we had welcomed seven tiny pups into the world.

Maria and her puppies were all especially vulnerable, and they all needed urgent care. That’s why we have to be prepared for anything. And it’s why we need your support.

Please will you give a gift and help us provide life-saving care to every animal who arrives at our shelters?

You could help us provide the medical treatment that saves an animal’s life. Our expert vets made sure that all the puppies were delivered safely, without putting Maria’s fragile health at risk.

Then we treated Maria for her skin condition, and put her on a special diet—so she could build up her strength, whilst also producing nutritious milk for her puppies.

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The recovery continued at the home of our foster carer Georgia, who lovingly looked after the puppies and nursed Maria back to health. She was shocked about what this sweet-natured mum had been through:

“Maria was terribly skinny when she arrived. But she was always very gentle around people, so she must have been owned by someone once. It’s so upsetting to think that her owner might have dumped Maria out on the streets because she was pregnant.

This cruelty is shocking. But sadly it isn’t uncommon. Every day, we expect to see the victims of the most terrible abuse and neglect. And we have to be ready to give them all the care and protection they need.

That’s what we could do with Maria and her family. Happy and healthy, all of the pups have now been adopted. And Maria has also found her own forever home.

But the next time there’s an emergency, the next time an animal comes to an RSPCA shelter in pain and distress, we will need your support.

So please give now. You could help us do whatever it takes to save animals’ lives and give them happy futures. Thank you.