Become a Guardian Angel this Christmas!

Retrievers. Koolies. Collies. Faeces. Urine. Flies. 

Heather and Liz are two of the 36 dogs and pups you helped rescue from a living hell. An intensive breeding factory, in a sweltering, filthy tin shed. With little or no drinking water and contaminated food, in the middle of a hot Australian summer.

No animal deserves to spend Christmas like this...

These are just a few of the animals who need you to be their Guardian Angel this Christmas. Over Christmas alone we expect to take over 4,000 animals into our care. And that can only happen because of people like you.

Heather and Liz’s story is a tough read – All the dogs and puppies in that shed suffered greatly.
Out of all the enclosures in that filthy shed there was only one which had drinkable water. RSPCA Inspectors were so overwhelmed by offensive odours, it burned their eyes and throat.

To stop their suffering, become an RSPCA Guardian Angel today.

You give them vet checks, flea treatments, bandages, microchipping, clean bedding and water, everything a wounded animal needs to recover as well as hugs, pats, and love.

Heather and Liz had never experienced life outside that shed. Liz was especially terrified. Jumping at any noise, too scared to even walk through a doorway. Hannah, an RSPCA Foster carer, helped Heather and Liz as they recovered from all they had suffered. 

“I could see they craved human attention. They’d just want to sit with you, be patted, and reassured they were safe.”

This year, Heather and Liz will celebrate Christmas in their forever home, with a family who love them to pieces.
Your kindness started the healing, help stop cruelty this Christmas.