Bella's Amazing Recovery

What did the temperature get down to in your suburb last night? It was cold and wet, the night Bella was rescued.

We received the phone call from a concerned neighbour saying a puppy was in poor condition looking underfed and crying. It was pouring with rain when Inspector Sarah arrived and found her in the long grass of the backyard, Bella was shaking violently … but she wasn’t just cold. 

“She was sitting in the rain, not moving. I knew something was wrong and I could see she was scared.”

“I could see every bone in her body including her spine. She tried to run away from me, but fell over … she couldn’t even support her own body weight. She would have been dead soon after if we hadn’t gotten to the property when we did,” says Sarah. Our RSPCA veterinarian confirmed Bella’s body condition was a 1 out of 5. She was starving to death and hadn’t had a proper meal in weeks.

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Bella’s foster carer, Jackie, says she grew leaps and bounds, regaining the youthful energy she almost lost completely. “It has been a delight to have Bella stay with us. She’s a sweet girl who will make a fantastic pet for someone who wants a lot of love and a little excitement in their life.”

Please help provide a foster home for an animal like Bella, knowing your support will aid their recovery and be ready for a permanent forever home as soon as possible.