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Expression of interest to adopt a horse or pony

Thank you for your interest in adopting an animal from the RSPCA. Please take a few minutes to complete this form. It is important that you answer all of the questions as accurately as possible, as the information you provide will be used by our experienced Adoption Staff to help you find an animal that matches your expectations and lifestyle.

To ensure we find the perfect match for these animals, only applicants fitting the following criteria can be considered;

  • Aged 18 years or over
  • The animals will reside at a property where they are inspected daily
  • Be prepared to participate in an interview with an RSPCA staff member
  • Allow a property inspection when required or supply photographs of property
  • Demonstrate capacity to train and handle horses or ponies
  • Currently have the same animals in your care to ensure these animals have company, or be willing to adopt multiple animals
  • Have access to equipment that will help you safely and legally transport the animal from the RSPCA to your property
  • Be committed to undertake all veterinary and husbandry requirements for the animal and cover all costs associated with ongoing care and treatment
  • Must have suitable property and containment facilities for the type and number of animals
  • Adoption of horses or ponies must be for companion/pet purposes
  • Must have a current property identification code (PIC) and can supply details. This can be obtained through the Department of Environment and Primary Industries (DEPI). If you do not have a current PIC or require further information, please contact the DEPI by phoning the PIC hotline on 1800 678 779.
  • Must comply with Council regulations
  • 1.
  • Your details
Mobile*: Home Phone*:
Email address*:
Council where animal will be housed*:
  • 2.
  • Your Preferences
Type of animal/s interested in*:
Specific Breed*:
Preferred Age*: Preferred Gender*:
If you are interested in a particular animal that is currently available for adoption, please list its details:
Animal’s Name: RSPCA Id No.:
  • 3.
  • Property details
PIC number: Size of property:
Type of fencing:
  •   Electric    
  •   Straight wire    
  •   Mesh    
  •   Other    

Type of shelter available (please check multiple if applicable):

  •   Trees    
  •   Stables    
  •   Paddock shelter    
  •   Other    
Availability of pasture/feed on property:
What arrangements are you prepared to undertake to provide for supplementary feed?

Do you own the property?*:

  •   Yes      
  •   No
  • 4.
  • Animal Care and Experience
List any previous experience you have with handling and caring for horses or ponies.


Please list any horses or ponies living on your property now and in the recent past (5 years):

(E.g. Pony)
(E.g. Welsh Mountain)
Age Sex
M / F
How long owned? Still at property?
Y / N
Where applicable:
Name of Veterinarian Contact Ph:
Name of Farrier Contact Ph:

What will be the purpose of the animal? (Tick any that apply)

  •   Pet    
  •   Business    
  •   Maintain the lawn    
  •   Companion for current animal    
Please give details:

Have you ever been found guilty of any animal welfare or care related offence?

  •   Yes      
  •   No
  • 5.
  • Referee Details
Please list the details of a referee who is familiar with your experience with horses or ponies:
May refer to your nominated Veterinarian or Farrier
Mobile*: Home Phone*:
The RSPCA respects your privacy. View our privacy policy

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